All testimonials were written in 2008 when Island Man Pictures was founded in Singapore and Macau.

Mary Chan
Executive Director
Sony Pictures (Asia)

"I am always impressed by Thomas' heart and desire to produce quality shows, and I sincerely wish Thomas and Island Man Pictures every success in the projects they endeavour and I look forward to seeing some of their first shows in Macau!" – Mary Chan

Max Makowski
Director (USA)
"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"(2003),
"Kung Fu"(2009), "One Last Dance"(2005)

"Thomas, Good luck with 'Island Man Pictures'. I hope that the aesthetic diversity and vibrant cityscape provide both wonderful inspiration and exciting locations for all the movies you will shoot in Macau." – Max Makowski

Nitin Ganatra
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (Prince Pondicherry)
"Bride and Prejudice" (Mr. Kohli)


"I wish my brother Thomas and 'Island Man Pictures' a fruitful, happy and fulfilling adventure on their first movie together. I hope it will be a great and happy experience and will be just the first of many successes. Thomas is an artist and will no doubt fly with the challenge of telling the stories he wants to tell. My best wishes to the production." – Nitin Ganatra



“自己选择的路 需要勇气;能坚持走下去 需要智慧;成功的最高境界是无悔;祝我的好兄弟THOMAS有无悔的人生;祝海岛人电影有光辉的前程” – 刘潇

Johnson Yuen
Actor (Hong Kong)
"Lust, Caution"

阮德锵   香港演员

"认识Thomas Lim是演出《剧场空间》张可坚先生导演的『哲拳太极』,我们相处时间虽然不太长,但在短短一两个月的密集排练里,让我充份感觉到他对演艺工作的热诚。今次很高兴知道他在澳门成立了海岛人电影,让他的热诚能再一次继续燃亮下去。作为朋友的我,如何能不出一分力呢,在此祝愿海岛人电影在未来的日子里,创作更多艺术作品,更祝愿Thomas演艺事业百尺杆头,更进一步。" – JOHNSO

Jimmy Wong
Director of Photography
("The Warlords", "Son of the Dragon", "Marco Polo")

王金城     摄影指导


Lim Kay Tong
Actor (Singapore)

"To Thomas Lim: Congratulations on the formation of your new company Island Man Pictures. It is always gratifying to see artists embark on exciting new ventures. Good luck and hope your ventures will create new avenues and ideas! All My Best Wishes." - Lim Kay Tong.

Michael R. Morris
Writer/Director, Random Inc (USA).
("Last Seen at Angkor," "Fear House")

"See? There he goes! Thomas is always an inspiration for drive, determination and dedication to his art. By developing projects like Island Man Pictures he shows his potential to bring creative enterprises to Asia's filmmaking community. I can only hope I will get the opportunity to work with him again in the future." - Michael R. Morris

Lim Young Chien
Toy-Be Entertainment Inc. (Japan)

“I'm happy and proud of you, Thomas. You have always thrived on all sorts of challenges. So I wish the best to your projects and let's seriously do something together with your new production company and make contributions to Macao and all of South-East Asian cinema! Well, it is time!” - Young Chien

Sam Voutas
Scopofile Productions (Australia)

"I first saw Thomas Lim perform a great one-man show in Macau. Best wishes to his new outfit Island Man Pictures, a benefit to the Macau film scene I'm sure!" - Sam Voutas.

Dominic Cheung
Artistic Director
Theatre Space (Hong Kong)

张可坚     艺术总监

"I do admire Thomas Lim's idea and effort of setting up Island Man Pictures. It is always not easy to start something new in an area where people are not familiar with the idea. Thomas, my sincere wishes for your success and hope you can stretch yourself as much as possible in Macau!" – Dominic Cheung

Bee Wan
Lighting Designer and Production Manager
Theatre Space (Hong Kong)

温迪伦     灯光设计,制作经理

"Thomas, All the best to you and Island Man Pictures, and wish you a glorious future and turn the drama scene in Macau to a new page!" - Bee Wan.

Nikki Ng
Choreographer (Hong Kong)
"Wizard of Oz", "Oliver!", "Annie" Broadway Musicals

"Although I've known Thomas for only a short time, I'm really impressed by his professional working attitude. Don't stress yourself out all the time. Try to enjoy the process. I'm sure people will appreciate what you have done at Island Man Pictures. I will always support you." - Nikki Ng

Alvin Tan
Artistic Director
The Necessary Stage (Singapore)

"I wish to take this opportunity to wish Thomas Lim and his wonderful new initiative, Island Man Pictures, all the very best for your future projects. May it blossom with each project it takes on." – Alvin Tan

Kuo Jian Hong
Artistic Director
The Theatre Practice (Singapore)

郭践红     艺术总监

"Dear Thomas, Congrats on embarking on a new adventure with Island Man Pictures! Best wishes on the many worthy journeys!" – Kuo Jian Hong.

Wong May Lan
The Theatre Practice (Singapore)

黄美兰     《猫城记》导演

"I like to take this opportunity to wish Thomas Lim and his new initiative, Island Man Pictures, all the best for your future projects. Bring the wonderful view and concept to audiences." - Wong May Lan

Billy Hui
Artistic Director
Hiu Koc Theatre (Macau)

许国权     艺术总监

"Dear Thomas and Island Man Pictures, Congratulations! You always inspire me! It is exciting to watch you." – Billy Hui

Jacky Li Chun Kit
Executive Director
Theatre Farmers (Macau)

李俊杰     总监

一位难得的跨媒体艺术工作者,更难得的是来自新加坡并走访世界各地学艺及参与 演出制作的他,竟选择在澳门开展他的电影及舞台艺术工作。期望这股诚意、知识 及拼劲,能与本澳的电影及舞台艺术工作者一起为澳门演艺界添上「新」姿彩、写 上「新」一页!

Jang Hye-won
Executive Director
One Communications Theatre (South Korea)

“My warmest congratulations to you for the opening of ‘Island Man Pictures’. At this truly memorable moment, I am reminded of tremendous artistic inspiration and enthusiasm Thomas Lim have shown before and delighted that now more and more people can have opportunities to be inspired by his work. The stage has finally been set by enthusiasm and support of all, and it is time for IMP to step into the limelight and create a brilliant scenario for them. May your artistic endeavors flourish and may IMP become a venue long remembered as a joyful, lively festival of diverse.”

Island Man Pictures 창립을 진심으로 축하드립니다. 참으로 뜻깊은 이 순간, 나의 친구 Thomas Lim이 그간 보여준 예술에 대한 깊은 열정과 영감이 뇌리를 스칩니다. 이제 더 많은 사람들이 작품을 통해 당신의 예술적 영감에 매료될 수 있다는 사실에 기쁜 마음을 감출 수 없습니다. 당신을 사랑하는 사람들의 지지와 열정으로 무대는 세워졌습니다 . 이제 조명 앞으로 나아가, 그들을 위해 감동적인 무대를 연출하십시오. 당신의 예술적 노력이 만개하길 바라며, 또한 당신의 극단이 즐겁고 생동감있는 다양성의 축제의 장으로 오랫동안 기억되기를 빕니다. 원커뮤니케이션즈 대표 장혜원” – Jang Hye Won

Hope Chiang
Artistic Director
Out To Theatre (Taiwan)

蒋祯耘     艺术总监

"It is a challenging and risky task to devote oneself to working for art and culture. I am looking forward to seeing new creations of Thomas Lim. Island Man Pictures, stated from an island Macau, hopefully their productions would be shown not only here but throughout the world. Good luck, my friend!" – Hope Chiang.